Brand Consulting - adding value

Even though brand building is important to all businesses, it's generally overlooked because of genuine reasons. With businesses opening up to the world on a global stage, leaving an impression and perfect brand recall value is what every corporate yearns for. In fact, there are thousands like you but you wish to be the chosen one, that lucky one.

Corporate branding encompasses all the ways a company is identified, from the corporate name and logo to the colour or the uniforms. With innovative approaches, corporate identity shows the need to use wellplanned identity systems for competitive advantage.

We combine insight with imagination, craft memories and experiences to come up with a brand story that gives an insight about us and around which we design your corporate identity.

Our services include:

  • Brand positioning and strategy.
  • Brand architecture - Logo, templates and guidelines.
  • Brand messaging - Brand personality and communication guide.
  • Brand management - Internal and External communication.
  • Product positioning - Sub brands and product marketing.
  • Brand experience.
  • Channel and sponsorship strategies - Associations and synergies.