Appreciation - Testimonials

"We believe it was really a good decision to have you alongside us as a marketing and branding partner. It helped us bring some order, polish and definitiveness to our marketing activities. It was great to see both creative and operations skills required to ideate and execute marketing plans. We wish you good luck."
Mr. Vinay Singh, CEO - Vital Wires Consulting

"Industree is a good service provider and their support to PolicyBazaar was immeasurable. They have been extremely flexible and delivered what had been expected of them. Keep up the good work, good wishes to the team."
Mr. Lalit Rawat, Cofounder - PolicyBazaar

"Industree is our Marketing partner, since our association with them, Chetan's brand value has actually improved. We now have an improved logo, stationery, marketing collateral and a brand new website. In the future, we look forward to integrating their experiences into our marketing strategy."
Mr. Rakesh Goyal & Mr. Naveen Gupta, Chetan Cabletronics Pvt. Ltd., Directors

"Industree helped me organize PANIIT event, their execution was fast and flexible, they could accommodate last minute changes and they seem to have a good vendor team in background to pull new ideas quickly. I would rate them 8 out of 10 on ideation and design, 9 out of 10 on execution and 8.5 out of 10 on cost. I recommend Industree to entrepreneurs and CEOs who need a reliable marketing partner to put ideas into action."
Mr. Nitin Kumar, Founder - Appulse Technologies Ltd.

"We had the pleasure to work closely with Industree for content development work and we can certainly say that much of the success with our clients’ contents was as a result of their hard work. We wish them all the best and would love to hire them again in the near future."
Mr. Himanshu Sharma, Founder - SEO Takeaways

"Industree creates high quality content and adapts flexibly to any change in requirements."
Ms. Shikha Kuhar Dahiya, Partner - Bloospring

"In the past I hired Bijeta to setup an Indian subsidiary and manage it in my absence. She has been very efficient and her no-nonsense approach in taking up challenges separated her from the many people I've met in India. Her perseverance will take Industree to newer heights."
Mr. Tony Vangelabbeek, Textware - Founder