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Why brand

To make business a successful or profitable venture, it has to develop a brand that its target audience recognises it with. It becomes easier for the business to grow and develop successful customer relationships. Although many people think that building a brand is complicated, just follow a few steps and you are already on the right track.

Decide what you plan to brand and do a research on your target audience
Before engaging in the brand development process, it is important to do some research work and decide what you would like to brand. Generally, there are choices between branding a person, a company, a service or even a particular product. Once a decision has been made regarding what will be branded, it then becomes crucial to ensure that enough time is spent on researching your target market. Once this has been done, it is then essential to learn as much as possible about the product, service or individual that you intend to market.

Decide the brand definition and positioning
After researching your target audience, it is important to take time to develop a brand definition that clearly explains what is being offered, and how the product or service you have to offer is different from what is already out there. It should also inform your target market how they will benefit from using it and what guarantee you offer to those who choose to use your service or product. From here, the next step is to win a place in the market for what you have to offer. This can be done by giving them solutions to problems or needs that previously could not be solved or met.

Develop a brand name, tagline and a logo
These three aspects are extremely important in the brand development process as they help to ensure that your business or service offering stands out clearly among others who may have the same offerings. By designing a logo and compiling a memorable tagline, you can be sure that customers will be able to remember not only your business name, but also what you are able to do for them. Once this has been done, it is time to launch your brand and market it.

Manage your brand
By offering consistent customer service and products, you will be able to manage your brand very well. Once the market is aware of the high quality goods or services that you have to offer, you will be well on your way to effectively mastering the brand development process. It is also important to ensure that any negative publicity is dealt with as professionally as possible in order to maintain the reputation of your brand.

These steps will show you the way to develop a winning brand. Once you have achieved this, it may become necessary to adjust your branding approach on occasions to ensure that your company identity is kept up to date. And if you need any kind of professional assistance during or after the process, get in touch with us at info@industree.in

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Video editing and compiling

Here is a video we recently created for a client, the audio visual was created from scratch.

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Is SME branding essential?

We have been writing about branding since sometime now and we are back again. This time we shall look into how SME branding is important and how businesses could approach the matter. Many businesses keep wondering why they should invest in brand strategy and building a brand when business is absolutely fine. Let us drive you readers through this and ask yourself, if you need to brand your businesses.

What happens if you step out?
Running small business means you are one man army dealing with almost every department. Your clients are dependent on you and they buy your services. Imagine you are no longer with the business, without a brand carrying your values, will they still trust your replacement? This is when building a brand helps you, it transfers your values and credentials into a larger format that represent your perception of being an expert professional.

Differentiate yourself from others
You may run a successful business without investing time and money on building a brand, but chances are, your competitor will be a step ahead of you. If you appear as just ‘one of many in the market, you may be seen as a commodity.’ If your business has a brand which communicates a perceived value and promise, it offers an easy solution to consumers backed by your proven track record in quality, service and expertise.

Think ahead and act on time
If you have a great business idea, chances are of it being copied arm to arm. Of course competition is healthy, but to be sure you stay on top, establishing your product or service as a brand will not only display its core strength, it will also mark your territory and your market position to businesses who have not yet built a brand reputation.

Be consistent
When it comes to building a brand identity, being consistent is important. Consistency in how you visually present your company that helps consumers and clients to recognise and remember your product or service. It’s an important part of marketing where you want to ensure that the right story is told to user base. Without a strategy and understanding about what that message should be, you run the risk of appearing undefined and forgettable.

Be proud
Building a brand is about ownership as much as about adding value to your business. If you and your team have a clear vision about what your company, product and service stands for, chances are, you will be a strong team in service, sales and marketing.

We strongly believe that whether you are a professional consultant, a small local business or a larger company, defining a brand strategy and getting it right is an investment into your business’s long-term success.

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