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being a small start-up

Starting a business can be exhilarating and fulfilling, but in course it can get complicated and may challenge you in many ways. Challenges and problems will be nothing new but will be something we have often seen happening to others.

Most small businesses fail because of lack of cash flow. Study says that 79 percent of small business failures cited “starting out with too little money” as one of the reasons for the business downfall because owners borrow based on their ideas of a successful business, instead of borrowing for a worst-case scenario. A start-up business owner needs to be optimistic, but often is too optimistic about seeing profits. Without adequate cash flow, slow sales or a downturn in the market can end the business before it has a chance to gain momentum.

Common problem for new businesses is to hurry into marketing campaigns without understanding the actual target market. The costs associated with marketing is stiff and if a business does not know who its target market is, then the money may go wasted. With incorrect messaging the reach is limited and don’t reach the target audience.

A start-up requires tremendous effort, commitment and strong will to make it a success. Add to this the financial stress of a fledgling business. Start-up business owners often have problems balancing the overwhelming demands of the company, if the stress of the workplace spreads into the home, the business owner may feel pressure around the clock.

A common problem for most entrepreneurs is the belief that they can handle all of the start-up’s operations by themselves. It may be a cost-effective way to run the business, but operating the entire business on your own may not be a wise decision or the best use of your time. Many small-business start-ups may not require full-time employees. But it’s a good idea to have at least one or two teammates who are ready to help. With experienced, reliable assistance you can avoid other common business mistakes. When it is time to hire staff, be careful in your choices, employees are a crucial component in the success of your business.

But as a matter of fact hiring is also a big problem for small companies, atleast in a business like mine. We offer marketing solutions and are often in need of high-end graphic designers, writers and editors. And these creative people don’t come cheap, so most of the time hiring them is out of question, thus, use them on contractual basis. Contract has its own issues in our country, India where we operate. Most workers are never committed. Also, since we are a small company, many people don’t like to work for us as we are too small and are kind of perceived as unstable, have no brand identity. Hence, the moment they get an opportunity from a bigger company they shift jobs.

Since you are competing with big fish it does not mean you have to quote rock bottom prices. Pricing your goods and services too low can delay the process of turning a profit. Instead list fair prices and make sure your start-up excels in customer service and delivery. Its very important to excel in any field and customers do appreciate on-time response.

One thing I got to say, its tough but not impossible.

This a guest post by Ms. Thapa, Twitter @bijeta

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Brand builder

Have a feeling Marketing and Brand Building is not getting the attention it should?
A valid point, in a fast growing company, senior management bandwidth is occupied in mission critical tasks. Our basic idea is to free up time of the senior management for productive assignment than getting involved in too many internal things. Especially when you know that a set of professionals can assist you.

Now, let’s discuss brand builder. Setting a brand identity is not an easy task, make sure to try and understand the brand, its personality, essence and its target audience. The vision of a brand is so important to keep its goal intact. In case of new companies, its still easier to set a brand identity because everything is new here but for an existing brand a lot of time is required to understand the image a customer holds of this brand. Transitional phase has never been easy but a well thought and executed messaging educates the consumer about the brand and syncs perfectly.

For a good brand, it’s important to have a brand guideline so that every message, communication, signature, stationery, etc. carries brand consistency. Consistency adds to the seriousness of the business and a feeling that you are there to stay, it also adds strong brand recall value. Logo is an important entity associated with your brand, it says something about your brand, your product or what you stand for. Its obvious that each one of us want to be a loved brand. We undergo a lot of strategy, planning and discussion before we finalise a logo around which the whole brand is formulated like brand colour, font, theme, look and feel, etc.

Apart from the logo, its important that all your marketing collaterals have a professional touch, simple, appealing and introduces you well as a business. Your corporate website should be precise enough to provide a platform, it should be searchable and alive.

So, does your brand carry all the necessary ingredients to hit the market place? Advice is, its always good to be on the right track rather than trying mediocre stuff and later, redoing the whole thing. Better, start small and keep growing your brand, slowly fruits will reap in.

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Website development, no easy job

Did you ever think of developing website on your own? Hold on and think again. If you are not a professional dealing with the its and bits of building a website, better not get involved.

Many people think its easy and can be made in a day or two, but do you know that for a good site you need insights, understanding of funtionalities, etc. Its easy to design a concept but implementing? I don’t know. I haven’t seen even a good developer doing it right on his own though he is aware of the functionalities and errors he might make. Never forget that your website is your face to the world, so it has to be informative, attractive, working and fun. I suggest, instead of doing everything on your own hire a professional who knows the concept of web development and understands the need for developing a certain type of website that fits your requirement.

Websites can be of many types, it can be simple html, database related, e commerce or even heavily designed. For each type, you need to have a server, understand the kind of bandwidth you may need, space, etc. Minutest functions are often overlooked and later when the whole project is done, handed over, you realise, Oh this bit is missing! Holy crap, now I have to look for a developer and give him all the info required to have my requirement in place. I don’t think I might enjoy that moment.

Let me tell you, everybody wants to have a website but they also feel that it can be developed by any cheap source. Well, for me its like waste of time going to a cheap source who will take three times my time than a cool headed programmer who understands the requirement immediately. What’s the fun in doing/explaining the work again and again? So, as suggested, I will go and hire a professional guy to have my site developed, however expensive he may be. Actually, if I am outsourcing my work then I prefer not to get into discussion all over again.

For more queries on website development, write to us at info@industree.in

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Design and its importantance to businesses

When an entrepreneur sets up his business he knows that he should possess differentiators from the lot to be successful. Of course, quality and consistent service is critical to any business but portrayal through correspondence and other marketing activities should also be appealing.

The logo depicts your corporate image, earlier logos were designed with a conservative approach. But with the new generation, the idea has changed, everyone like fun and young look, then why not your logo depict the young and fun look. Especially, when you are a start-up or small unit, promote yourself as approachable, fun to do business with and a good match for radical businesses.

Ideas and concept are easy to create but there is a great deal more to implementing beyond having the initial concept. In the same way that small businesses could complete their own end of year accounts, most choose to employ the services of an accountant because it is time-consuming and requires an up-to-date knowledge base to ensure that expensive mistakes are not made. The same principle applies to design. Professional designers have the necessary technical knowledge, can access the appropriate production facilities and are more in touch with the design marketplace. And overall, as said, ‘an experts job should be left to an expert, it pays off over time’.

If you have to design the corporate identity, you perhaps will begin the job instantly, whereas if you take the help of a professional, it will be different. When design is undertaken professionally for corporate identity, products or packaging, there is a process that designers work through to achieve their high quality results:

- Briefing is organised

- Research undertaken to explore possibilities

- Range of solutions are proposed

- Criteria based selection is used to narrow down the options

- Rough visualizations, models or prototypes are produced

- Design is tested and evaluated

- Finally the developed design is submitted for production

If a designer jumps from brief to single production-ready design, you may not get its worth. Your business ought to be something that you are proud to associate with and every aspect of it should be carefully designed to make it that special. By employing the services of a designer it is much easier to reach the objective of the corporate image in mind. Best part is the final design is tested keeping target audience in mind. So, the output is a well designed corporate identity you proudly represent, and I know, it feels good.

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