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How to attract customers?

- Launch a website, it provides worldwide exposure and give customers an access to the services and product offering by your organization.

- Host a grand opening event, invite local business owners and residents from surrounding neighborhoods. Provide freebies like merchandise samples, share business cards and company brochures.

- Monitor services and products constantly, satisfied customers who spread the word about your business are the best source of new customers. Keep a keen eye to pricing, customer service, product availability and prompt delivery, these are few nudge point to success.

- Visibility within your industry is crucial, participate in exhibitions, seminars, trade shows, attend community events.

- Explore various types of advertising opportunities such as classified ads, yellow page ads, sponsorship, television and radio spots, and display ads in magazines and on other Websites, keep tab of your budget and go with what meets budget and reach the target audience.

- Support local charity, sponsor fundraising event and arrange a local media to publish the event.

- Distribute fliers and business cards at various business gatherings.

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Marketing outsourcing is here to stay

Some parts of marketing have always been outsourced. Agencies, vendors, media firms and market researchers have been invaluable assistants to any marketing department. Recently, as telecommunications and Internet connectivity have matured, it has been easier for teams to work together without being in the same building. This has led to small and large companies tending to focus on their core business and competency and outsource the rest to trusted partners. Sales, advertising, logistics, HR, finance, manufacturing and even customer service has seen outsourcing partners being used, and it seems that today any business function can be outsourced.

At first glance, it seems heretical to think that Marketing can be outsourced. After all, isn’t the understanding of your market, a connect with your customers and a nurturing of your brand image an intrinsic part of business, and something that needs close attention. On the other hand, as one definition puts it, Marketing is the art of looking at your company from the eyes of the customer. Does this not mean, that it may in fact be beneficial, if Marketing was outsourced, and the marketing agency could in fact be better suited to have a clearer picture of your brand image.

The outsourcing of marketing activities is catching on; in fact, in a recent poll of marketing executives, 53 percent reported plans to outsource most of their marketing activities. What could be the reason? It has to be linked to benefits attached to such an arrangement. Cost savings and improved quality is a major concern of most of the corporations, additionally, many firms lack specialised analytical skills in-house, and an external expertise is often needed.

With media fragmentation companies can no longer rely on mass marketing to reach prospective customers. Communication tasks have become much more complicated, and therefore more dependent on lots of research and analysis and choosing right medium of communication. To maintain a  consistent brand image and develop a clear positioning in the market is so much tougher now, with multiple customer touchpoints and media channels. Specialist marketing firms fill the gap and also act as a unifying factor for all corporate messaging.

In today’s business environment, small companies start up around a single idea and have to innovate and execute rapidly to maintain their prime mover advantage. The playing field has been levelled and a 3 man start-up could be competing against a Fortune 500 company for the same business. Strategic outsourcing and use of specialist partners helps them compete on quality and volume, allowing them to scale up rapidly, while maintaining their focus on innovating their core offering. A marketing partner can help develop their brand identity, corporate communication, advertising strategy, market positioning and sales collateral without the need to create a large marketing department in-house. Chief marketing officers are important to drive marketing strategy and make the most of the company’s customer relationships but the skills required of a marketing manager are rapidly changing. Managers need to be ringmasters in a circus rather than performers; they must understand how to access the skills they need, get good performance out of the various agencies and partners involved and develop a variety of in-house and outside suppliers to get the job done.

The best outsourcing arrangements are partnerships. Suppliers should not be regarded as mere contractors, since contractors do not always perceive a long-term relationship. This is especially critical when outsourcing marketing campaigns or brand building activities, since a large dose of trust and understanding will go a long way for best results.

Companies in general turn to outsourcing as a means of saving money while accessing the skills they need, whether it’s marketing or IT services. As companies have become more comfortable and familiar with outsourcing arrangements, they’re willing to trust suppliers with business functions that, until recently, had been conservative in approach. The outlook of Marketing outsourcing looks promising and their importance will only grow. It will soon be standard for any small company starting up to find a marketing partner, who will help them convey their message effectively. This is no longer just in the future, it is happening now.

And Industree evolved to address the serious need of an outsourced marketing firm in the SME segment.

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