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How to attract customers?

- Launch a website, it provides worldwide exposure and give customers an access to the services and product offering by your organization.

- Host a grand opening event, invite local business owners and residents from surrounding neighborhoods. Provide freebies like merchandise samples, share business cards and company brochures.

- Monitor services and products constantly, satisfied customers who spread the word about your business are the best source of new customers. Keep a keen eye to pricing, customer service, product availability and prompt delivery, these are few nudge point to success.

- Visibility within your industry is crucial, participate in exhibitions, seminars, trade shows, attend community events.

- Explore various types of advertising opportunities such as classified ads, yellow page ads, sponsorship, television and radio spots, and display ads in magazines and on other Websites, keep tab of your budget and go with what meets budget and reach the target audience.

- Support local charity, sponsor fundraising event and arrange a local media to publish the event.

- Distribute fliers and business cards at various business gatherings.

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Videos as Marketing tool

Video is a great marketing tool, it is one of the best ways to share views with audience. It is a medium that everyone loves and is not going away anytime soon. By incorporating video into your campaign, you will not only stay ahead of your competition, but also improve your brand identity.

Online video is becoming a first stop for many customers. It is akin to what the Web page was a decade ago — something that can give early adopters an edge over competitors. It gives them a channel to talk directly to customers in ways previously accessible only to large companies that could afford TV commercials. Some dominant players for Video hosting are YouTube and others including Vimeo, MetaCafe and Facebook.

Why companies should use video as part of its marketing strategy?

Video is cost effective – Compared with traditional print advertising, video can actually prove more cost effective. Companies often make the mistake of dumping money into expensive magazine advertisements that are summarily ignored. Video, on the other hand, is almost impossible to ignore. Being extremely versatile, video can be re-shaped into many different formats. Mobile kiosks, large screen presentations, smart phones and of course websites are just some of the ways to spread the word using this powerful medium. And as a matter of fact, it can be produced at a reasonable cost.

Video is audible – Video is audible and chosen before a written document as one has to read to understand a written document. People enjoy video, if someone visits a website and a video is offered, one will definitely view the video though it can be out of curiosity. And that means they have devoted their attention to a sales pitch. Marketers love using video because that’s what people want.

Video is a mature medium – Video is not a fad. People have loved motion pictures since the late 1800s. Even though the medium has changed, the passion for video has not. Now, video is an extremely mature art form and everyone respects it. YouTube sees on average 2 billion views, isn’t it big?

Video is part and package of any campaign – Any advertising company worth its salt will offer a video package. Ignoring the option of video would be like ignoring the need for a website. If your competition hasn’t jumped on the video bandwagon, why not show some industry leadership? Google’s search algorithms pay a great deal of attention to video. It’s a great way to beat the competition.

Video increases web traffic – Your website doesn’t have to be the only stop in your online transit system. There are many ways to bring in the traffic. Make sure your video is “social bookmarking” friendly! Twitter, Del.icio.us, Facebook, Digg, reddit, Newsvine, StumbleUpon and Squidoo are just some of the ways you can spread the word.

What all you can do with videos?

1. Showcase your products to the customers, demonstrate it.

2. Create a destination, it is easier to win customers if you give them a reason to tune in.

3. Use analytics and tools that allow you to measure the effect of your videos.

4. Build a brand channel, a way to get the attention of customers and invite them to become your video producers.

5. Advertise with videos cause videos have huge potential audience. Videos hosting sites like YouTube offers a dozen advertising options, including banner ads, promoted videos that appear on top and beside search results, and pre-roll ads that appear during other YouTube videos much like a conventional TV commercial.

6. How-to Instruction videos area big hit, if you are a product company Online videos will do wonders for your business.

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Local brands do exist

Its hard to believe the existence of local brands in times when global brands have swept the markets clean. These bigger brands have customised their products and services to find admiration and love from the locals, they have gone to the levels of developing newer products that’s loved by the locals. To our surprise, local brands are still alive and do have a decent market share. Like for instance, with the advent of global brands like Mc. Donalds and KFCs, we thought life span of Haldirams would be at stake. But no, it turns out that quite a huge number of people still prefer fast food from Haldirams over Mc. Donalds burger. Not just that, with growing competition Haldirams has become more organised and offer varied menu with more options, offers value added services like swift service, hygienic practices, good packing, etc.

So as to close this, no matter what local markets are an important area for businesses and cannot be neglected. With some careful marketing local brands can leverage their presence. And even better, it is definite to grow with sensible marketing and excellent service to offer.

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Brand Custodians help build a strong brand.

Brand custodianship is something that should be taken seriously these days. With Brands having valuations in excess of billions attached to them, it makes sense to treat them as valued assets that must be managed with care. Though it seems counter-intuitive, brand custodianship may be actually better done in an outsourced model. Like we consult our accounting firm, or legal advisors before key decisions, a brand custodian can be someone outside the company who looks at activities from a brand-centric point of view and advises and informs the company accordingly. Within a company, sales pressure and and quarterly performance cycles may overshadow the need to protect and grow the brand. Marketing and Sales teams may tend to overlook the long term effects of day-to-day campaigns and promotions on brand value and brand perception.

Just like new product slogans or campaigns are referred to Legal before being finalised, corporate communication and marketing/sales activities might benefit from a layer of brand advisory which functions independently of pressures, and is staffed by competent experts with exposure to multiple brands and the science of brand building.

Brand consultants can help a small team starting up a company build and nurture their brand, maintaining consistency, message clarity, correct targeting and brand positioning as the company grows. This builds a distinct identity in the minds of the customer and avoids confusing and overlapping messaging. Over time, staying on message and following brand guidelines enables customers to understand clearly the vision, mission, spirit, personality and positioning of a brand, and makes the company easily recognisable and connects with customers at an emotional level.

One can decide to be a friend to customers or to be a teacher to them. A company can aim to build a cult like following or want to be one of the gang. Whatever the aim, the brand defines its target, its vision, its personality and its style and stays true to it, evolving over time to grow and strengthen its connection with customers. Be it a Coca Cola, an Apple or IBM, they represent a distinct identity to their customers and have bonded at an emotional and subconscious level with them. This sum total of connections represents the value and power of their brand, independent of efficiency of sales or production, and is a tangible quantity measured in X amount of money. This shows that brand building is not just a supporting function of sales, but is actually a value creator.

A strong and independent brand custodian is needed to build a brand. Like a child, a brand needs careful nurturing to develop and grow.

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