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Online presence is not enough to reach potential customers

The new rules of branding your business on the Web have shifted from presentation to engagement and interaction. It’s not enough to have a website, social media presence and consistent brand aesthetic online. We have listed some innovative but effective tips for a great start.

Even if you’re entering a flooded marketplace and online is certainly a very crowded, you always have a chance to make your brand and company stand out. People used to think water was all the same; now stores carry half-a-dozen brands or more. Marketers struggle with differentiation because they give up too soon. They think that this can’t be differentiated, it can’t be unique. Experts say the constantly shifting marketplace creates the need to be creative with your approach. The toothpaste market is one that professionals cite as a constantly changing product selection that requires vigilance on the part of brand managers.

Turn your face to online marketing, increase your connectivity, and gain traffic to you site from elsewhere. You don’t necessarily need to put out the next viral marketing video or hire an expensive marketing agency to achieve a high rate of traffic. All you need is a bit of effort, few tricks and commitment to make your site a quality destination for visitors. Add Facebook links, blog, SEO and build your site populated with links.

Pay attention to your About Us page because visitors always consider checking About Us to learn more about your company and the services you offer, it deserves a little more consideration and more respect. Sure, you need to include all the basics. But few tactics can make your About Us page a more exciting read and your company come across as more accessible. Avoid writing too much but focus on connecting with your site visitors. A more personalized page also means readily available contact information, it also shows customers that you want to hear from them.

Don’t start conversation for sake of doing it, once done you have to be an integral part of it. Social media has one very important perspective to share with brand management, the conversation. Like branding, social media is all about conversation and building effective relationships. The rules for brand messaging through new media versus traditional channels haven’t changed, but it sure got better and more interesting. It’s not enough to have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, you must participate in the conversation by making regular posts and replying to direct messages from your customers. Monitoring social media is a must for all companies, it has shortened the time frame for company responses to complaints or accusations. These days, companies need to acknowledge any issues and control the messaging in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days. You have 20,000 Twitter followers but it hardly matters to your customers. Experts say that Unless you’re in one of a handful of businesses like public speaking, managing a personal brand can be a huge distraction for company founders. Steve Jobs had a personal brand, but it is Apple’s product design that makes it a valuable company.

Brand name is very important for any business. Think about re-branding or another solution can be to acquire another brand. Appearing in the media as a source of expertise can go a long way toward building your brand. To gain media coverage, identify media outlets that are most applicable to your particular areas of expertise and send them targeted pitches. As with print, the Web has also democratized the world of radio. After you have become an area of expertise, you will find that there are plenty of opportunities to take your message on the road. Becoming active in professional organizations and attending conferences offer valuable opportunities for networking. Making an appearance as a vendor at an event can also offer long-term personal branding benefits.

Monitor your brand’s reputation and be ready to respond. Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites have become essential components of many companies’ online marketing strategies, but there are countless other sites on which customers rant about their experiences. A question or complaint left unanswered on any of them has the potential to tarnish a company’s brand and scare away prospective customers. The most basic services, like Google Alerts, allow users to select keywords to track and to receive e-mail updates whenever they appear on the Web. Others like Social Mention and HootSuite clean profiles on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and others for relevant comments.

Brand is all about trust and relationships, there’s no better way to build on that than by posting testimonials or listing big-name clients you’ve partnered with. That will lend your business a good amount of credibility. You might consider incorporating your clients’ logos somewhere on your page as an added visual element. Mentioning awards and recognitions received also make your business more appealing, company history, achievements interests readers.

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How Online marketing made a smooth entry into world of brands

For every service or product, organisations are forced to market themselves, create a demand and launch their products. All these years traditional marketing had been very effective and still are for consumer products but with changing time and competition, companies no more relied on their product lines and services, they had to create a strong brand presence in the society. Brand image has many elements attached to it few being trust, loyalty and value to customers, and companies had to bank on it. Branding became so imminent that big global brands started queuing up for local branding or region level branding for strong foothold. With brands becoming stronger and markets being brand dominated, smaller companies had to look for innovative ways to attract consumers and it was not an easy job.

With cut throat competition, budgets for marketing were sky high, only big players could compete and take risks but of-course the reign did not last long. Issues of traditional marketing is not hidden, we all know that its about mass marketing, companies were clueless about what was working demographically. Online marketing slipped into shoes of targeted marketing and fitted so well, it gave hope to marketers who were already hungry for newer ideas and much cheaper ways to reach its audience. Online marketing as a tool was incredible, it was real time and its reach was unfathomable. This platform is viral, one wild world that can make a whole difference.

Online marketing did not find appreciation and favours from many and had been written off several times but it stayed on and only grew stronger. Today, every brand is present in the social media platform, one Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Linkedin profile and few more medium has become a staple, and if you are not there, you are so outdated. This online medium also enabled us (read as individual and corporate) to become more social and interactive than we were few years ago.

In fact, we personally believe that online marketing delivers depending on the way you use the platform and if your strategies are right, your creative ideas are bound to click and convert audiences into customers. With so many innovations within the industry its incredible to see how things have turned out. But its a fact that these innovative marketing ideas made a difference to the whole world, today we are on a global platform and the whole world is out there willing to experience what you have to offer.

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Engagement in Social Media

Every company has a Facebook page or a Twitter account, but surprisingly few have real time online personality. Gone are the days when it was called a virtual space, today you need to be authentic, real and pose the real you in the online world. I think that you actually need to be yourself and build trust through personalising interactions with the human touch. What is most important is to build and encourage trust within your community instead of going straight to hard selling. And the only way that we can do that is by not hiding behind the logo. We have to be an authentic and real voice to make that connection.

Every single post that you make should receive atleast a few likes, shares and comments, otherwise for sure you are not really talking to anyone. So, think about the ways to engage user base, its not just the freebies people are interested in, we are human beings and we do have emotions. Same is with Twitter, make your tweets personal, be careful while responding to the tweets, do not work the robotic way. Also audience in both twitter and Facebook space are very different, try and understand that connection to the customer is critical after all we’re only trying our best to build customers’ trust online.

Social media is extremely critical, it is one of the most cost-effective tool that enables brands to reach out and engage a huge customer base everyday. Online digital space has suddenly taken a front seat for brands who look forward to the growth path. Being social has actually given new life to many brands and such brands are 100% committed to the importance of being social. It not only works on the awareness side but also ensures that there is constant engagement and connection with customers. Its a fact that people within social media love to rally behind something that they believe in and that they’re passionate about, and they want to share it with others. So when something they love come their way, the connection immediately clicks and immediately becomes a chain and attracts many others in the loop. This is the power of social media, it generates very strong brand awareness. And if you are a seller, once you gel and build a connection with the user base you are ready to sell, isn’t it an opportunity?

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Are you really a social media specialist?

Don’t be surprised by reading this, but its a fact. We are aware of the benefits of social media and its effectiveness. Its results are instant and extremely helpful for organisations looking for results. Online Media has suddenly become a fad word, what is more disappointing is anybody / company around introduces as a social media specialist, what a shame. Please people, stop doing this, just because you have a facebook, twitter and linkedin, it does not mean you know social media. And just because you do some odd blog posts from time to time it does not make you a social media specialist.

Fact is, if you do not tweet atleast once a day, you cannot be the so called expert. You do not tweet anything fresh, your own original ideas and depend highly on the people you follow, then you definitely lag somewhere. If you have no recommendations and fan following, you have to take time to see what might be wrong. Its a fact, many people here don’t like to share digitally knowing the viral capabilities of online platform, have no passion for online media and still call themselves or want to be attached to the buzzing word. C’mon! Either give up or learn to share, like, recommend and approve of the good work done by others. Acceptance will open more doors and options. Cheerio :)

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