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We delivered!

Big Boys Design & Build site delivered by Team ICS.

It was a learning curve with so many modules to work on but we did it.

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Why brand

To make business a successful or profitable venture, it has to develop a brand that its target audience recognises it with. It becomes easier for the business to grow and develop successful customer relationships. Although many people think that building a brand is complicated, just follow a few steps and you are already on the right track.

Decide what you plan to brand and do a research on your target audience
Before engaging in the brand development process, it is important to do some research work and decide what you would like to brand. Generally, there are choices between branding a person, a company, a service or even a particular product. Once a decision has been made regarding what will be branded, it then becomes crucial to ensure that enough time is spent on researching your target market. Once this has been done, it is then essential to learn as much as possible about the product, service or individual that you intend to market.

Decide the brand definition and positioning
After researching your target audience, it is important to take time to develop a brand definition that clearly explains what is being offered, and how the product or service you have to offer is different from what is already out there. It should also inform your target market how they will benefit from using it and what guarantee you offer to those who choose to use your service or product. From here, the next step is to win a place in the market for what you have to offer. This can be done by giving them solutions to problems or needs that previously could not be solved or met.

Develop a brand name, tagline and a logo
These three aspects are extremely important in the brand development process as they help to ensure that your business or service offering stands out clearly among others who may have the same offerings. By designing a logo and compiling a memorable tagline, you can be sure that customers will be able to remember not only your business name, but also what you are able to do for them. Once this has been done, it is time to launch your brand and market it.

Manage your brand
By offering consistent customer service and products, you will be able to manage your brand very well. Once the market is aware of the high quality goods or services that you have to offer, you will be well on your way to effectively mastering the brand development process. It is also important to ensure that any negative publicity is dealt with as professionally as possible in order to maintain the reputation of your brand.

These steps will show you the way to develop a winning brand. Once you have achieved this, it may become necessary to adjust your branding approach on occasions to ensure that your company identity is kept up to date. And if you need any kind of professional assistance during or after the process, get in touch with us at

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Brands are not built overnight

This is a guest post

I have good understanding of how businesses in America, UK, Europe and many other countries operate. For them, marketing is an important aspect and the whole company and its ideologies are based on it. And that’s also the reason why even the youngest companies also have a very strong value in the market place.

Here in India, its exactly the opposite. There is a gap in understanding the need of a brand. There are many reasons that support it, most important one is, companies are not funded and are very dependent on the sales report determined every month end. Which automatically deviates the resources towards increasing sales force and equipping the department with all they need leaving marketing far ashore. Let me share this, recently, I was in a meeting at a potential client’s office. The CEO says, ‘no we don’t want to brand’, then she added, ‘we are already a branded company, people know us, we get covered by various papers all the time’. Then she asks me, ‘what do you mean by branding’. I gave her the example of Nike’s Swoosh. She said, ‘well, we first need money coming in then we will think about branding’.

I just want to bring this to the notice that branding is not so expensive as many businesses are worried about. And as a matter of fact, brand is not built overnight, it needs time, patience and perseverance from its creators and visionaries. Its important to create a brand identity right in the beginning so that all communication, website, collateral, logo, etc. are in line with the brand identity from day one. For a start-up, a nice working logical website with information easily available on the website is a staple. Or else what’s going to happen is, a company operates for sometime, has different stationery and collateral. There is no clarity on what and when to use, and ultimately it comes to a situation when a staff send out a mail, it has a different look and when the other one communicates, its different. This kind of chaos only creates dilemma and questions in your counterpart. If you cannot manage your own communication, how are they going to manage work for others and this means it can also cost business.

Hence, professional vibe is extremely important for succeeding in business. In the past, we have experience of working with start-ups like PolicyBazaar and VitalWires. Lets focus on VitalWires, at that point of time it was known as Gravity Microsystems, a SAP consulting firm. In 2010 the company was looking for a partner to help them rebrand from scratch. Industree had the opportunity to be associated with the company right from name selection to setting brand identity, guidelines and marketing strategy. We had a couple of meetings with the board and team members to understand their ideas and vison for the company. In over a year’s time, VitalWires transition was a success. Today, they are a strong team of 40-50 employees based out of Gurgaon.

We helped them create a brand guideline which includes brand identity, objective, target, story and personality. I also realized that developing the guideline really helped the company because it clearly described what all they could perform. Since templates and product lines were also developed based on the guideline, all brand elements were used as mentioned in the guideline. Which meant all outgoing communication was consistent and focused. The color palette also addressed the need of showcasing VitalWires as a no nonsense company. The main color ‘blue’ stands for inspiration, sincerity and spirituality, which actually is the objective of VitalWires. We also managed their online activities, content development and time to time need basis work. It was a satisfying project and we made it happen.

This is for the readers, marketing is not so expensive as it is perceived to be. Of course, it will be a different story if you are going by Above the Line (ATL) activities to market. However, I have something in mind to say about ATL, which we shall do in the future post.

If you are a start-up, don’t wait for the last moment to start marketing your organization, because as I said earlier, start early and brand it right. You will save time, energy and money. When you are new, work pressure is less and you have the patience and time to spare. As time passes, you know what works and what does not and accordingly you may adjust when things when the business is still young. Hire a professional company to assist in creating a brand identity and they will suggest you the rest.

Hope this post is helpful to many small sized businesses because that’s where branding is mostly neglected.

Bijeta is the author of this article, she is the founder and director of Industree since its inception. You can follow her on Twitter

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Local brands do exist

Its hard to believe the existence of local brands in times when global brands have swept the markets clean. These bigger brands have customised their products and services to find admiration and love from the locals, they have gone to the levels of developing newer products that’s loved by the locals. To our surprise, local brands are still alive and do have a decent market share. Like for instance, with the advent of global brands like Mc. Donalds and KFCs, we thought life span of Haldirams would be at stake. But no, it turns out that quite a huge number of people still prefer fast food from Haldirams over Mc. Donalds burger. Not just that, with growing competition Haldirams has become more organised and offer varied menu with more options, offers value added services like swift service, hygienic practices, good packing, etc.

So as to close this, no matter what local markets are an important area for businesses and cannot be neglected. With some careful marketing local brands can leverage their presence. And even better, it is definite to grow with sensible marketing and excellent service to offer.

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Website development, no easy job

Did you ever think of developing website on your own? Hold on and think again. If you are not a professional dealing with the its and bits of building a website, better not get involved.

Many people think its easy and can be made in a day or two, but do you know that for a good site you need insights, understanding of funtionalities, etc. Its easy to design a concept but implementing? I don’t know. I haven’t seen even a good developer doing it right on his own though he is aware of the functionalities and errors he might make. Never forget that your website is your face to the world, so it has to be informative, attractive, working and fun. I suggest, instead of doing everything on your own hire a professional who knows the concept of web development and understands the need for developing a certain type of website that fits your requirement.

Websites can be of many types, it can be simple html, database related, e commerce or even heavily designed. For each type, you need to have a server, understand the kind of bandwidth you may need, space, etc. Minutest functions are often overlooked and later when the whole project is done, handed over, you realise, Oh this bit is missing! Holy crap, now I have to look for a developer and give him all the info required to have my requirement in place. I don’t think I might enjoy that moment.

Let me tell you, everybody wants to have a website but they also feel that it can be developed by any cheap source. Well, for me its like waste of time going to a cheap source who will take three times my time than a cool headed programmer who understands the requirement immediately. What’s the fun in doing/explaining the work again and again? So, as suggested, I will go and hire a professional guy to have my site developed, however expensive he may be. Actually, if I am outsourcing my work then I prefer not to get into discussion all over again.

For more queries on website development, write to us at

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