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Defining Target Customers

While positioning a brand we generally come up with primary, secondary and tertiary target customers. The primary purpose of defining target customers in the brand positioning stage is important, it helps establish the target customer clearly in mind when thinking about brand benefits and relevant differentiation. The more detailed the target customer description, the more powerful is the brand’s unique value proposition. It will also help later when marketers need to develop marketing and media plans. Idea is to hit the bulls-eye of the target so that a there is a firm understanding of primary customer, but knowing that your brand will also appeal to people outside of this bulls-eye. Often, there are influencers and approvers in purchase, especially in B2B situations. In fact, there are sometimes committees of people involved in the purchase decision. Regarding target customers versus target audiences versus target markets, to a large extent, different people use these terms to mean the same thing. For manufactures, often the question is “Should our primary target be direct customers (distributors, retailers or resellers) or should it be the end consumer?” Of course, we always want end consumers to be our primary customers.

Its important to get attention of the ideal or primary target customer as much as possible when positioning the brand. For instance, we have positioned one restaurant chain having two different target customers.

there is this one restaurant chain whose target markets are so diverse that one set of customers considers it as a “special occasion” restaurant, they would dress up to dine in this restaurant. While there is another set of customers who considers it to be their everyday casual dining restaurant of choice and feel completely comfortable dining in casuals and dine their often. The first market type may dine in this restaurant once or twice a year (or less), while the second market is likely to dine there on a regular basis.

Now the job is done, customer target is defined. Its time to consider how this restaurant must cater to both audiences.

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