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Is SME branding essential?

We have been writing about branding since sometime now and we are back again. This time we shall look into how SME branding is important and how businesses could approach the matter. Many businesses keep wondering why they should invest in brand strategy and building a brand when business is absolutely fine. Let us drive you readers through this and ask yourself, if you need to brand your businesses.

What happens if you step out?
Running small business means you are one man army dealing with almost every department. Your clients are dependent on you and they buy your services. Imagine you are no longer with the business, without a brand carrying your values, will they still trust your replacement? This is when building a brand helps you, it transfers your values and credentials into a larger format that represent your perception of being an expert professional.

Differentiate yourself from others
You may run a successful business without investing time and money on building a brand, but chances are, your competitor will be a step ahead of you. If you appear as just ‘one of many in the market, you may be seen as a commodity.’ If your business has a brand which communicates a perceived value and promise, it offers an easy solution to consumers backed by your proven track record in quality, service and expertise.

Think ahead and act on time
If you have a great business idea, chances are of it being copied arm to arm. Of course competition is healthy, but to be sure you stay on top, establishing your product or service as a brand will not only display its core strength, it will also mark your territory and your market position to businesses who have not yet built a brand reputation.

Be consistent
When it comes to building a brand identity, being consistent is important. Consistency in how you visually present your company that helps consumers and clients to recognise and remember your product or service. It’s an important part of marketing where you want to ensure that the right story is told to user base. Without a strategy and understanding about what that message should be, you run the risk of appearing undefined and forgettable.

Be proud
Building a brand is about ownership as much as about adding value to your business. If you and your team have a clear vision about what your company, product and service stands for, chances are, you will be a strong team in service, sales and marketing.

We strongly believe that whether you are a professional consultant, a small local business or a larger company, defining a brand strategy and getting it right is an investment into your business’s long-term success.

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How Online marketing made a smooth entry into world of brands

For every service or product, organisations are forced to market themselves, create a demand and launch their products. All these years traditional marketing had been very effective and still are for consumer products but with changing time and competition, companies no more relied on their product lines and services, they had to create a strong brand presence in the society. Brand image has many elements attached to it few being trust, loyalty and value to customers, and companies had to bank on it. Branding became so imminent that big global brands started queuing up for local branding or region level branding for strong foothold. With brands becoming stronger and markets being brand dominated, smaller companies had to look for innovative ways to attract consumers and it was not an easy job.

With cut throat competition, budgets for marketing were sky high, only big players could compete and take risks but of-course the reign did not last long. Issues of traditional marketing is not hidden, we all know that its about mass marketing, companies were clueless about what was working demographically. Online marketing slipped into shoes of targeted marketing and fitted so well, it gave hope to marketers who were already hungry for newer ideas and much cheaper ways to reach its audience. Online marketing as a tool was incredible, it was real time and its reach was unfathomable. This platform is viral, one wild world that can make a whole difference.

Online marketing did not find appreciation and favours from many and had been written off several times but it stayed on and only grew stronger. Today, every brand is present in the social media platform, one Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Linkedin profile and few more medium has become a staple, and if you are not there, you are so outdated. This online medium also enabled us (read as individual and corporate) to become more social and interactive than we were few years ago.

In fact, we personally believe that online marketing delivers depending on the way you use the platform and if your strategies are right, your creative ideas are bound to click and convert audiences into customers. With so many innovations within the industry its incredible to see how things have turned out. But its a fact that these innovative marketing ideas made a difference to the whole world, today we are on a global platform and the whole world is out there willing to experience what you have to offer.

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Local brands do exist

Its hard to believe the existence of local brands in times when global brands have swept the markets clean. These bigger brands have customised their products and services to find admiration and love from the locals, they have gone to the levels of developing newer products that’s loved by the locals. To our surprise, local brands are still alive and do have a decent market share. Like for instance, with the advent of global brands like Mc. Donalds and KFCs, we thought life span of Haldirams would be at stake. But no, it turns out that quite a huge number of people still prefer fast food from Haldirams over Mc. Donalds burger. Not just that, with growing competition Haldirams has become more organised and offer varied menu with more options, offers value added services like swift service, hygienic practices, good packing, etc.

So as to close this, no matter what local markets are an important area for businesses and cannot be neglected. With some careful marketing local brands can leverage their presence. And even better, it is definite to grow with sensible marketing and excellent service to offer.

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