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Engagement in Social Media

Every company has a Facebook page or a Twitter account, but surprisingly few have real time online personality. Gone are the days when it was called a virtual space, today you need to be authentic, real and pose the real you in the online world. I think that you actually need to be yourself and build trust through personalising interactions with the human touch. What is most important is to build and encourage trust within your community instead of going straight to hard selling. And the only way that we can do that is by not hiding behind the logo. We have to be an authentic and real voice to make that connection.

Every single post that you make should receive atleast a few likes, shares and comments, otherwise for sure you are not really talking to anyone. So, think about the ways to engage user base, its not just the freebies people are interested in, we are human beings and we do have emotions. Same is with Twitter, make your tweets personal, be careful while responding to the tweets, do not work the robotic way. Also audience in both twitter and Facebook space are very different, try and understand that connection to the customer is critical after all we’re only trying our best to build customers’ trust online.

Social media is extremely critical, it is one of the most cost-effective tool that enables brands to reach out and engage a huge customer base everyday. Online digital space has suddenly taken a front seat for brands who look forward to the growth path. Being social has actually given new life to many brands and such brands are 100% committed to the importance of being social. It not only works on the awareness side but also ensures that there is constant engagement and connection with customers. Its a fact that people within social media love to rally behind something that they believe in and that they’re passionate about, and they want to share it with others. So when something they love come their way, the connection immediately clicks and immediately becomes a chain and attracts many others in the loop. This is the power of social media, it generates very strong brand awareness. And if you are a seller, once you gel and build a connection with the user base you are ready to sell, isn’t it an opportunity?

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Brand experience can make or break a brand’s image

I am sure you have read a lot about brand and its importance to any businesses or personality related to it. Today, we shall discuss about brand experience, I have found that without good user experience your brand is forgettable. But what is it actually? Its most basic definition is the sum of the experiences that a person has with a company or organization. Best way to think about user experience is as the core of a brand, which is real. Brand experience is inevitable for any brand because connecting with the audience is the ultimate goal for a long lasting brand effect.

User experience is important for a brand as its logo, product, or day-to day business. Let me tell you, user experience is a result, a goal for a brand. User interface involves tools and methods used to create a good user experience. All of our design efforts are focused at accomplishing a task and providing the consumer with a positive experience. To be precise, no two clients’ problems are approached the same way, nor can we hope to solve their user experience issues in the same manner. This is where we need to implement the equation of branding. Unfortunately, many designers think of user interface as unrelated to branding, that is also the reason many brands fail to connect.

Branding is a broad ideal which encompasses a multitude of elements, for instance identity, customer service, delivery, after service and follow on. Your job task is to responsibly affect significant number of these elements. If you hope to develop a great user experience using interaction design you must understand that interaction is always with the brand and not with any individual or entity.

Any company that is interacting with customers has an inherent approach that permeates their whole business. This is the brand’s promise. The brand promise is not something to live up to but the zeitgeist of the business culture. It drives purpose, ideas and passion of the organization. The smallest details and most subtle points can have incredible effects on the overall experience. For companies who only interact with customers using Internet enabled websites, applications, and devices, it is crucial to understand how to imbue an effective brand promise into your interaction design.

Designing interactions and guiding experience is more than interface design or usability tricks. Every piece of interaction will speak to the user. Every detail, every piece of marketing copy, image, icon, drop shadow, layout placement, or button contributes to the user’s associations and judgements about the company they are dealing with. Good usability or interface design doesn’t change bad offerings into good service. It is key that you align an interface design with the business.

For example, if you go to a fast food restaurant expecting cheap but tasty food, then you will leave happier than if you expected a gourmet meal. The idea is to achieve overall expectation of the consumer and at the same time consumer relates to the promise of the brand.

In fact, brand communicates the company’s promise, but for a powerful impact on the users it is necessary to create a memorable time spent.

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Are you really a social media specialist?

Don’t be surprised by reading this, but its a fact. We are aware of the benefits of social media and its effectiveness. Its results are instant and extremely helpful for organisations looking for results. Online Media has suddenly become a fad word, what is more disappointing is anybody / company around introduces as a social media specialist, what a shame. Please people, stop doing this, just because you have a facebook, twitter and linkedin, it does not mean you know social media. And just because you do some odd blog posts from time to time it does not make you a social media specialist.

Fact is, if you do not tweet atleast once a day, you cannot be the so called expert. You do not tweet anything fresh, your own original ideas and depend highly on the people you follow, then you definitely lag somewhere. If you have no recommendations and fan following, you have to take time to see what might be wrong. Its a fact, many people here don’t like to share digitally knowing the viral capabilities of online platform, have no passion for online media and still call themselves or want to be attached to the buzzing word. C’mon! Either give up or learn to share, like, recommend and approve of the good work done by others. Acceptance will open more doors and options. Cheerio :)

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A living website

Remember, last time I did share a few things about website and why one should hire a professional to develop it. The story does not end there where your website is ready and you keep it intact, clean and tidy.

What is the use of a dead website which has no latest info, no pictures, no videos, no news feeds. This may be the reason, why your website is not getting enough hits even after having heavy dose info, just like in normal life, change is a must. Its important that your website is updated every now and then, news, pictures, videos, etc. add to the bounce rates. Most of the websites go unvisited because of the same stale stuff on the platter. Idea is keep feeding, keep it alive! As said, adding newer content to the website boosts its search ability in the search engines. Use probable keywords and see how it makes a difference, rest is all history.

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