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Brand builder

Have a feeling Marketing and Brand Building is not getting the attention it should?
A valid point, in a fast growing company, senior management bandwidth is occupied in mission critical tasks. Our basic idea is to free up time of the senior management for productive assignment than getting involved in too many internal things. Especially when you know that a set of professionals can assist you.

Now, let’s discuss brand builder. Setting a brand identity is not an easy task, make sure to try and understand the brand, its personality, essence and its target audience. The vision of a brand is so important to keep its goal intact. In case of new companies, its still easier to set a brand identity because everything is new here but for an existing brand a lot of time is required to understand the image a customer holds of this brand. Transitional phase has never been easy but a well thought and executed messaging educates the consumer about the brand and syncs perfectly.

For a good brand, it’s important to have a brand guideline so that every message, communication, signature, stationery, etc. carries brand consistency. Consistency adds to the seriousness of the business and a feeling that you are there to stay, it also adds strong brand recall value. Logo is an important entity associated with your brand, it says something about your brand, your product or what you stand for. Its obvious that each one of us want to be a loved brand. We undergo a lot of strategy, planning and discussion before we finalise a logo around which the whole brand is formulated like brand colour, font, theme, look and feel, etc.

Apart from the logo, its important that all your marketing collaterals have a professional touch, simple, appealing and introduces you well as a business. Your corporate website should be precise enough to provide a platform, it should be searchable and alive.

So, does your brand carry all the necessary ingredients to hit the market place? Advice is, its always good to be on the right track rather than trying mediocre stuff and later, redoing the whole thing. Better, start small and keep growing your brand, slowly fruits will reap in.

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